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In 2005 698 riders set off on the very first GrapeRide organized by Pete “the Grape Gonzo” Halligan. We described the course then as “a ride through God’s photo album” and we stand by that description today. From early beginnings we've innovated for fifteen years, focussed on constant improvement of the rider experience. Taking the next step we’re thrilled to welcome you to GrapeRide #16, the first Whitehaven GrapeRide at The Vines Village.

Event Pricing

Short and Long Course MTB


20 or 40km MTB

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Best for beginner to intermediate riders

Ideal family day out

Classic GrapeRide and 203km Magnum


114 and 203km

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The iconic GrapeRide - tick your bucket list

Fast or slow, the choice is yours

The Taster



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Focus on the fun

Step up to the challenge